How To Drop Jerry Can GTA 5?

To drop Jerry Can in Grand Theft Auto V, you need to collect it first. There are several ways to do that in GTA 5, or you can try to search for it in the internet and see if you can find this relatively rare item there,There are many missions in Grand Theft Auto 5 that require you to deliver and pick up a certain cargo. If you have decided to play online with your friends, the game requires you to have those very same missions completed so that all players can participate in them and succeed together. In this article, we will explain how to drop jerry can gta 5 and how it will be useful when playing GTA 5 with friends. Check out our full guide below! 

How to Drop a Jerry Can in GTA 5

  1. Get a car with a front-mounted fuel tank and get in the driver’s seat. 
  2. Open the car door and press B (X on Xbox One) while holding down A to exit the vehicle. 
  3. Exit the vehicle by pressing B (X on Xbox One) while holding down A. 
  4. Drop the Jerry Can as close as possible to your car without actually touching it by pressing RB or R1 (RT on Xbox One). If done correctly, you will not go into a ragdoll state after dropping it, allowing for an easy escape from police attention if you choose that route instead of driving off in your vehicle. To put the jerry can back inside your car, simply pick it up using the ‘Y’ button (‘A’ button on Xbox One) and place it back inside your gas tank area. You can also run over the jerrycan in order to push it towards your car. Make sure that you do this before stepping outside the car again though, or else you will have to go through all four steps listed above again!

Design and Performance

The Jerry Can is a fuel container and the in-game equivalent of a gas station. The player must purchase petrol from the Jerry Can before refueling their vehicle. Upon purchasing petrol, an animation will play showing the player filling up their car’s tank and then placing the Jerry Can back on its pedestal. Players are able to purchase petrol from a Jerry Can at any time, but this will cost them significantly more than if they went to one of Los Santos’ gas stations. The player cannot pick up or steal fuel from a Jerry Can. 

A gas station is an abandoned building with signs indicating that it once served as a gas station. Gas stations typically provide parking for cars to fill up their tanks and convenience stores where players can buy food, drinks, cigarettes, clothing and other items. Unlike the Jerry Can, gas stations allow players to not only purchase petrol by going inside the store (if available), but also refill their vehicles by pressing X/Square while standing next to a pump nozzle outside. However, this service costs substantially more than buying petrol from a Jerry Can: $80 per unit versus $50 per unit respectively. Furthermore, vehicles parked next to pumps need 20% more fuel when refueled compared to those parked near a Jerry Can (e.g., taking two units instead of one).

The Benefits of Dropping a Jerry Can

Jerry cans are great when you need to carry gas or other liquid fuels, but what do you do with them when they’re empty? If you’re lucky enough to find a recycling center near your home, then the best thing for you to do is drive the empty Jerry can back and drop it off. But if there’s no recycling center around, then you will have to take more drastic measures. Dropping an empty Jerry can from a large height is one way of getting rid of it without polluting the environment. When dropping a Jerry can from high enough up, such as from a bridge or cliff, it will disintegrate on impact which makes the cleanup much easier. Plus, some people may consider it fun! 

One downside though is that there might be some spilled gasoline on the ground after dropping a Jerry can. To get rid of any spilled fuel, just use sand or dirt and water mixed together to create cheap oil-eating bacteria. It’s simple science: water plus bacteria equals clean soil! Just make sure to wear protective gear when working with chemicals so you don’t hurt yourself in the process.

How to Use a Jerry Can in GTA 5

Jerry cans are a key element in the game, and if you’re not careful with them, it could cost you your life. If you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and need fuel for your car or motorcycle, don’t be afraid to use a Jerry Can. Here’s how: 

1) Approach a gas pump 

2) Equip the Jerry Can in your inventory 

3) Walk up to the pump and press E on Xbox 360/PS3 (or G on PC). Pressing E again will allow you to refuel after you have completely emptied the Jerry Can. You’ll need at least one free slot in your inventory for another Jerry Can, but there should be plenty around! For more GTA 5 gameplay tips and tricks check out our blog now! 

Tips for Dropping a Jerry Can

  1. When you’re ready, stand up and turn around so that your back faces the container. 
  2. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly while bending at the waist with your knees slightly bent. 
  3. Straighten up quickly as you release any remaining air in your lungs and grab hold of the handle on top of the can with both hands. 
  4. As you lift, keep one hand on the handle and put your other hand under the bottom of the can to help support it if needed. 5. With both hands securely on the handle, begin walking backward from the container. The moment you feel like you’re going to lose balance or want to stop, take a big step forward and bend at the waist again as before. Repeat until you reach your destination. 
  5. Once there, gently lower yourself down onto all fours while still holding onto the can’s handles until it is standing upright next to you (or until gravity takes over). 
  6. If need be, repeat steps 1-6 in order to return home or wherever else you need to go next!


Dropping a Jerry Can in GTA V is easy and fun. The best way is to use the following steps: 

1) Drive a car next to the gas station and turn it on its side. 

2) Turn your car so it faces away from the gas station and get out of it 

3) Get back into your car 

4) Face your car towards the gas station again and drive slowly until you are close enough for the Jerry Can to be dropped. 

5) Press X on Xbox or A on PS4, or hold down L2/R2 on Xbox 360 or PS3 when coming up alongside the gas station.

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