Why Does Instagram Crop Multiple Photos?

Your Instagram feed often shows you pictures in their entirety, as long as the photo isn’t taken in portrait mode or on an iPhone. For example, if someone took three photos with their phone and decided to upload them to Instagram, you would see all three photos. But if you add multiple photos to one Instagram post, they will be cropped before they are published to your followers’ feeds. The photo grid allows more of the photos that you upload on Instagram to be seen by your audience, so even though it doesn’t appear like there’s anything wrong with the image, Instagram does crop multiple images as part of their mobile application and website.

When you upload more than one photo, Instagram will automatically crop them?

When you upload more than one photo to Instagram, Instagram will automatically crop the photos. The first photo is always on the left side of the screen and the second photo is in the right hand side of your screen. However, if you have a third or fourth picture in your post, Instagram will again show only two pictures and cropping them into thirds rather than halves. Some people find this helpful because it makes each image stand out more while others find it annoying that they have to scroll so much to see all their pictures. There are some workarounds for this issue, such as uploading from your camera roll instead of capturing them through the app. Another solution is to use Square Photo App. It doesn’t auto-crop your images when posting more than one, giving you control over how many columns you want your images to be in once uploaded.

The order in which you upload the photos will determine the final composition

When you upload pictures to Instagram, the app will automatically select a frame and make it the focus of the picture. This can be frustrating if you’re trying to show off a whole scene or event rather than just one aspect of it. The order in which you upload your pictures also determines how they are cropped. 

1) If you post all of your pictures at once, Instagram will select whichever picture is most recent when deciding which to make the focus. 2) If you post individual pics within an hour or two span, Instagram will use whichever pic comes last as its reference point for cropping. 3) If you want to control the composition yourself, save each photo individually and post them separately so that you have full control over their respective frames. 4) It’s a good idea to take lots of different shots from different angles and distances to ensure that you’ll have enough options available when choosing which shot will serve as the focal point. 5) Don’t forget to edit the photos before uploading! Photos with filters tend to do better on social media sites like Instagram. 6) Posting quality content consistently is what’s important–regardless of whether or not there’s actually anything new posted on your account every day. 7) One way around this problem is taking square format photographs with a fixed aspect ratio so that any photo taken will fit nicely into the square shape without being distorted by cropping.

If you want to change the composition, you can rearrange the order of the photos?

#1. The first thing to do is tap the photo in the middle of your feed or on the hashtag page. #2. Drag it up to the top of your screen and drop it where you want it to go (making sure there’s enough room for all three). #3. Once you let go, a popup will appear with a green checkmark and a bar showing how long you’ve made your feed. Tap Done at the bottom left side of that popup to confirm your changes, or Cancel at the bottom right side if you don’t want to save these changes and just preview what they would look like. #4. If you’re finished rearranging, tap Done to save your new order! You can always come back and change it later by tapping on any photo and dragging it around again. #6. Note: Your feed may look slightly different from what you see here when you make this update depending on your device, but we promise not to disappoint 

#7. and we’ll take good care of your posts

The Instagram algorithm will also determine which photos are cropped

Instagram is a social media app that allows users to share pictures and videos. These pictures or videos can then be shared with other people on the internet. Instagram also uses an algorithm that determines which photos are cropped, based off of what it thinks are the most popular. For example, if someone takes a picture of their dinner and then posts it to Instagram, the algorithm will notice that not many people are posting food-related content to their account, so it will automatically crop out all but one of the food items in the photo. Another reason why Instagram might crop photos is when it sees a lot of engagement from people liking a post. When you like a post on Instagram, it appears as love next to your profile picture at the bottom of the post. The more likes there are, the more likely that they will crop up later. An example would be if someone posts a video clip of them doing flips and tricks on their skateboard at night time – but only some viewers have turned down their phone brightness to make out what’s happening in the video. When you turn down your phone brightness for an Instagram video, you’ll see this little button appear at the top left side of your screen.


Instagram has a lot of settings for users to pick from in order to present their content the way they want it. One setting that seems to be causing some confusion is the Crop option. When it comes time to post your photo, Instagram will give you the option of cropping your image if needed. When you choose this option, Instagram will remove unused space around your photo and keep only what is in focus. This helps make sure you don’t accidentally include something like a distracting background or someone’s head that may not be relevant to the photo as well as making sure people are able to view what you are trying to convey without anything getting in the way.

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