Can A Wax Pen Go Through A Metal Detector?

Wax vaporizers are popular products, especially with smokers who want a low-maintenance and portable way to enjoy their favorite flavors. Wax pens can also be great additions to your collection of electronic accessories, as long as you’re aware of the rules about bringing them through airport security or on other flights with metal detectors. If you want to know if your wax pen will be permitted in this situation, read on to discover the answers to some common questions about the rules around wax pens and metal detectors. We are constantly running into new people who may not be as familiar with cannabis culture or the ways that certain devices and products work as we are. With this in mind, we want to discuss whether or not an e-cig or wax pen can go through a metal detector.

The Basics of Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are used to find weapons, explosives, and other objects on people or in vehicles. They work by using electromagnetic waves to detect the presence of any metallic objects that may be concealed. Most modern metal detectors use an induction principle where the detection coil is moved past the part of the body that needs to be scanned. When the coil passes over a metallic object, it creates an electric current in the object which interacts with the magnetic field created by the coil and this change in current can then be detected. But how will a wax pen react? The most common types of metal detectors use two different technologies: one uses high frequency radio waves while the other uses electro-magnetic fields. For example, airport security typically uses X-ray scanners to see inside luggage and passengers without having to open them up first.

How Metal Detectors Work?

Metal detectors use either electromagnetic induction or metal-oxide sensors to detect the presence of metallic objects. The type of sensor depends on what metals are being detected and the object’s size and shape. The inductive sensor uses an alternating electric current in two coils of wire wrapped around one another, and when a metal object interrupts the circuit, it triggers an alarm. Metal-oxide sensors are made with semiconductors that produce an electrical charge when they come in contact with certain metals like iron or steel, triggering the alarm. A person can pass through a metal detector without setting off an alarm if they don’t have any items that contain these types of metals on their person. However, it is more likely that a metal detector would set off an alarm for someone carrying something containing metallic materials.

What Kind of Metal Detectors are There?

There are two types of metal detectors: walk-through and hand-held. Walk-through metal detectors do not detect small items, such as coins and jewelry, so unless your wax pen is about the size of a quarter, you should be able to pass through without any trouble. Hand-held detectors will likely pick up on your device, but if you keep it concealed in your pocket or purse, you should be fine. The good thing about hand-held detectors is that they are much more sensitive than walk-throughs, which means they will find just about anything. However, this sensitivity can also work against you. If your wax pen is near enough to the detector, it will trigger an alarm; meaning if you take it out of your pocket while going through the detector and set it down before going through again, then put it back into your pocket afterwards, this could cause some issues because there would still be some material from the vape cartridge on its surface.

How to Avoid Setting Off a Metal Detector?

Metal detectors can be frustrating for people trying to get through security with their items. There are some steps you can take to avoid setting off the detector. First, try to pack your things in your bag or jacket instead of in your pockets. If you have something that might set off the alarm, such as a metal object like a razor blade or heavy jewelry, it is best to send it ahead in checked luggage. You should also plan on going through the full-body scanner which will show any hidden objects and keep you from having to wait in line again at the security checkpoint. The final step is to take a deep breath and remember that many others have gone through before you! Most importantly, don’t forget about checking your purse if you’re carrying one. The most common reason for an alarm is forgotten items concealed inside. Make sure there’s nothing in there that could cause an issue: sharp objects (knives), perfume bottles (liquids) etc..

Can a Wax Pen Go Through a Metal Detector?

A wax pen is made up of two main components: the atomizer and the cartridge. The atomizer is the heated coil that vaporizes liquid in the cartridge to produce vapor, while the cartridge contains liquid nicotine and flavorings. This means that a metal detection would not be able to detect anything because there are no metals involved. This device will often have detectors installed at entrances and exits, with additional detectors set up randomly. 

It can be hard to determine which detectors are active at any given time, so it’s important for you to check before you start your search for an entrance or exit. 

If you’re still worried about being screened by a metal detector but don’t want to give up your wax pen, take it apart first. Disassemble the parts of your wax pen into its component pieces so that they’re separate from each other (for example, unscrewing the tank from the battery) and then put them back together again after passing through security. You’ll just need to keep track of where each piece went when you took it apart.


In conclusion, there are two ways to answer the question of whether or not a wax pen can go through a metal detector. The first is that the oil in the vape will affect the metal’s ability to transmit waves and can result in false positives. The second is that because it is made of metal, it should not be an issue. Ultimately, it depends on what type of machine you are going through and what settings they have. If the metal detector is set up for ferrous metals, then no, but if it isn’t then yes. A common way to test whether something is a non-ferrous metal would be by using a gold ring test; this basically involves placing a gold ring around the item and seeing if it gives off an alarm. 

As with any of these tests, it is important to double-check as well as research different types of detectors and their limitations so that you don’t end up with false negatives when your vape goes through!

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