What is G.T.E. Technology Stocks?

What are G.T.E. Technology Stocks? Are they safe to invest in? What can I gain? Read on and you will know the answer to all these questions and more in this article about what is G.T.E technology stocks and how to invest in them without losing your shirt in the process!

GTE Corporation has been in existence since 1908, and it went public in 1912 as the General Telephone Company of Canada. It was renamed GTE in 1982 after merging with another communications company, General Telephone & Electronics Corporation, and it currently trades under the ticker symbol of GTE on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Since its inception, GTE has grown to become one of the world’s largest pure-play providers of telecom services through its offering of products and services to fixed-line telephone customers, internet subscribers, cellular customers and businesses across North America and Europe.

GTE Company Description

GTE offers DSL and broadband internet access, video services, phone services, network solutions and consulting services to residential and commercial customers. Residential high-speed data connections include Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) over traditional copper telephone lines and Fiber to the Home (FTTH). Service offerings can be either separately bundled or unbundled as a Triple Play. Product/Service offerings include digital voice services, broadband internet access solutions (DSL), fiber optic broadband internet access solutions (FTTH), hybrid fiber coaxial broadband Internet access solutions, video programming; digital video recording; telecom billing management; networking infrastructure equipment rental; managed network security system deployment and operations; technical engineering consulting; professional association memberships including the Communication Workers of America Union and Professional Consulting Engineers of Illinois Institute. As of December 31, 2009, GTE had:

Fiber Optic Networks – Owned 671 miles; Leased 3,820 miles from others

Transmission Lines – Owned 1,211 miles; Leased 12 miles from others

GTEC Stock Description

GTE Corporation designs, manufactures, and sells a wide range of telecommunications products and services worldwide. The company’s product offerings comprise wireless and wireline data networking equipment, broadband video, managed services platforms and voice solutions for customers in the broadband communications industry. The company operates through two segments: Wireless Solutions and Wireline Solutions

Though it offers its products to businesses that provide service to consumers via cellular, fixed-wireless and cable networks; government agencies at all levels including homeland security entities; business enterprises that are regional or global in scope; education institutions; media & entertainment providers; healthcare institutions; non-profit organizations and governmental agencies. Despite its diversified business lines, GTEC stock price mainly fluctuates according to overall performance of telecom sector on Wall Street market. If you want to make money on internet then after reading complete review you will be able to know everything about gtec stocks 2017 rates , gtec stocks chart history , gtec stock quote online , gte corporation news etc which will help you do right investment decision.

GTEC Chart History

The General Electric Company, or G.E. as the company abbreviates its name, has been an industrial icon since the 1930s and has grown to become one of the largest and most valuable corporations in the world today with operations in a broad array of industries including transportation, financial services, healthcare equipment, appliances and lighting just to name a few. The company’s success has largely been propelled by its strong balance sheet (combined ratio) and dividend growth record as well as exceptional managerial talent from top-to-bottom throughout the organization. GE shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol GE, have had dividends paid out every year since 1885 and are considered to be a Dividend Aristocrat. It has won two consecutive DJIA performance awards for having the highest return over risk among all stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

GTEC Stock Summary

GTE provides voice, data, and video services to small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises in North America. This stock trades at a P/E ratio of 18, which isn’t too bad when compared to the S&P 500 average of 24. But is this company a good bet for your portfolio? Perhaps not: GTEC’s price growth over the past five years was just 3% – the majority of that was seen in 2012. And while they did provide excellent earnings-per-share growth over that same period – nearly 160% – it’s still not what we would call exceptional. They also don’t have any debt on their balance sheet.

GTE may be a decent investment for those who want some stability in their portfolio, but there are better bets out there for someone looking to earn more than 3%. If you’re interested in finding other opportunities, you should consider checking out other companies like RCI Hospitality Holdings (RCIH) or PVF Partners (PVF).

GTEC Symbol vs Share Price History

GTEC (Granite Telecommunications Enterprises Corporation) stocks are a little different than normal stocks, as they are considered preferred shares rather than common shares. Preferred shares are similar to a regular investment in that you buy them with the intention of holding them for a while, but when the time comes, GTEC has the option to redeem these preferred shares for $100 each, even if the share price increases above this level in the meantime. Hence GTEC doesn’t experience losses like other investments may face. GTEC’s preferred share prices remain unchanged regardless of changes in market conditions and offer investors an advantageous position should their purchase price change dramatically over time because of market fluctuations or due to any other reasons that influence stock values.


The internet infrastructure and network storage space is heavily crowded with companies competing to survive, expand and grow in a very competitive marketplace. Tech stocks are usually somewhat expensive in the early stages of growth with relatively high risk and minimal guaranteed ROI, but they can provide exponential returns if they grow exponentially during their developmental stages. In the end, if you are looking for potential big gains with even bigger risks, tech stocks may be right for you as a long-term investment; this would be something only you could decide to invest in or not to take on the challenge of pursuing it as a company owner, an individual investor or someone using money on behalf of an employer.

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