What Is Suspend Mode GTA?

Suspend mode GTA is a mod for the game Grand Theft Auto V that allows players to go into a sort of hibernation state where they will not be killed if their health reaches 0. Once you enter this state, you can save your progress and exit from the mod. When you go back into GTAV, it will open up in the same place that you left off at when you last used it. 

This mod was created by an individual who goes by Nofixation on Reddit. They posted about the release of their first version on April 27th, 2019 and have since updated it to work with newer versions of GTAV. To use the mod, download a copy of the file below and extract it before placing it into your mods folder. Then load up GTAV normally and activate the mod under MODS menu option. The original post also has links to some helpful YouTube tutorials that might help make sure everything is set up correctly. 

How Suspend mode GTA works?

Suspend Mode GTA is a new game for mobile devices, which will be available for iOS and Android. Suspend Mode is a way to save your progress in the game so you can continue where you left off later. This feature is also known as Save Game or Pause. The player can manually activate the Suspend Mode when they want to save their progress. The player cannot die while they are in this state, but they can still get in trouble with the law or get injured. When the player leaves Suspend Mode, their character’s health and ammo will be at what it was before entering it. 

In order to use Suspend Mode, players must have enough money on them. It costs $500 per use of this feature. Players might not want to spend all of their money if they think that it might be useful later. If players really need more cash in the future, then they can sell whatever items they don’t need anymore in order to make some quick dough. Remember that one thing that suspends should never be taken lightly!

How do I use suspend mode GTA?

Suspend Mode in GTA Online is a very useful way to avoid being killed by the police. Suspending your game will make the cops stop chasing you, and you can resume playing later. The game does not save while suspended, so be careful! To activate Suspend Mode, press Alt + F4 (PC) or hold down the power button on console. You’ll see this screen: 

-To resume play, press any key. 

-Suspend: Starts suspension countdown – 1 minute until suspended game ends – Cancel: Cancels suspension countdown 

-Resume Play: Resumes game immediately after it was cancelled with suspend countdown – Save Game Now: Saves current progress before suspending – Back Up Save File: 

-Restore Saved Game: Restores saved game file before cancelling suspension countdown – Exit Suspend Mode: Displays how long player has been suspended for and exits suspend mode when timer runs out of time. If at any point the player would like to cancel their suspension countdown, they can do so by pressing ‘Cancel’. After pressing ‘Cancel’, players are given a warning that if they continue and exit suspend mode, they will lose all unsaved progress from their most recent gameplay session. Once players have read this message, they are then given the option to either cancel their suspension countdown or proceed as normal. If players wish to proceed with their suspension countdown as normal then all unsaved progress from their most recent gameplay session will be lost once exiting suspend mode.

What are the benefits of using suspend mode?

There are a number of benefits to using the GTA5 Suspend Mode. It allows players to continue playing while they focus on other tasks. This can be especially helpful if you want to spend more time with your family or make it through your work day without distractions. You will also find that it’s a great way to avoid wasting any time spent waiting for things to load. If you’re in a hurry, Suspend Mode will allow you to resume your gameplay session as quickly as possible by skipping the loading screens and getting right back into the game! 

The GTA5 Suspend Mode also offers some challenges for players who enjoy competition and want to see how long they can go before their system crashes. There are actually quite a few people out there who have been able to play for days at a time thanks to this handy feature. 

How do I know if my game is saved in suspend mode?

When you’re playing a game, your system saves your progress in temporary files. If you need to leave the game and start using the computer for something else, you can put it into suspend mode instead of completely closing it. When you’re done using the computer, you can go back to the game and pick up right where you left off. 

If your system goes into power-saving or sleep mode while in suspend mode, then any unsaved data will be lost when your system comes out of that state. That’s why we recommend shutting down an Xbox One console before putting it into suspend mode. The good news is that if your system does shut down from power-saving mode, there are no consequences as long as you haven’t saved anything since the last time you exited the game. All you have to do is exit the game and restart it. Your character should reappear just as he or she was before!


Suspend Mode is a feature of the GTA video game series, which allows the player to pause their game at any point and resume it later. It was first introduced in GTA III and has been present in every subsequent GTA title. 

Suspend Mode can be activated by pressing START/PAUSE on your controller. This will bring up a menu with two options: Save and Quit or Suspend. Choosing the former will save your progress and end your current session, while choosing the latter will allow you to continue playing after an interruption – like being forced to turn off your console mid-game. When resuming gameplay, you’ll come back to where you left off when the game was suspended; but as of GTA V (the most recent installment), there’s also the option to ‘resume from checkpoint’, which brings us right back to where we died. Note that the timer for this saved game only lasts for one hour. So if you plan on playing for more than one hour, make sure to either disable autosave altogether or enable manual saving so that once the game resumes from a checkpoint, your hours spent don’t go down the drain!

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